It begins with the breakables...

...and other things you don't want the movers dropping...

At lunch yesterday, we picked up our keys, our garage remote and our corner apartment officially became ours. Right after work, we began the process of unloading fragile dishes and whatnot, and then we headed back to our old house (I love saying that!) to load up the Jetta again, as well as Mom and Dad's van and Matthew's Element.


Mucho, muchisimo thanks go out to Mom and Matthew (Dad was flying and is helping us today and Saturday) for their availability in the inordinant heat, and for their patience with the fact that we were down to only one elevator at the building, which made things take a decent amount longer.


We got to the new place about 9:00 and with very little traffic parked directly in front of the building (in the No Standing/Stopping Zone), and Mom and Noah headed up to the apartment while Matthew and Jenni and I began loading the carts and the dollies down on the street and then making elevator runs up to the 6th floor.


With only one elevator, we had them pretty full with our stuff and often were bumping into other residents, all of whom were very friendly and kept telling us how great it is there and how much we're going to love it. In fact, when we were first unloading our dishes (in the early afternoon), we met our next door neighbor Stefan (sp?), a real nice guy who probably has the shortest commute to work of anyone downtown at all: he works at the Star-Telegram, which is on the street level of our building (in the annex portion that was the RKO Hollywood Theatre), so pretty much, he rolls out of bed into the elevator and he's at work. You don't even have time to fumble for your iPod.

Anyhoo, a few hours later, and it was all unloaded. All these pictures are from the street because I was the one loading the carts and staying with the vehicles...and because Rob and Clint were apparently too busy to pick up their phones...=^)

So thanks, Mom and Matthew, for your sweaty help. And thank you, Sonic, for making another move possible.


...and a PS...32 new reasons why, even though we are so super-thrilled with our new downtown Fort Worth digs, we are resolute in our determination that this is just a temporary stop:



You're very welcome, although I didn't really get sweaty since I got to stay upstairs with Noah. BTW, if anyone comes around looking for the people who were using their lights to flash out Morse code or something last night, that was Noah, having great fun playing with all the switches that just happened to be at his level!

Hey Jonathan and Jenny!! Sara gave me your blog and we are excited you're moving downtown! Sounds very cool to us, too!

Marilyn Holland

Hey - I was at Shakespeare in the Park, buddy. :-) And I did call you back, just a little closer to 11pm than you probably would have liked.

Totally excited to see the new place.

love your new home! I think you have the coolest apartment in FW, what with the nine-foot ceilings and the view of our own FW businessman right out your bedroom window. Okay, so he's edge-on and you can't even really tell for sure what he is - still, there you are!

I'm so jealous - I've decided to become rich so I can move into those cool condos right across the street from you. Besides, won't that make watching Bubby Man easy?

mommy b

I like that the moon is 59% full in both Fort Worth and San Francisco. That's a good sign.

I like that the moon is 59% full in both Fort Worth and San Francisco. That's a good sign.

Dorky me. Hit the post button twice. You can tell I'm a part-timer at this.

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