House Less Normal...

So the boxes are almost all packed, and we are getting really excited, and the Bubby is getting somewhat exasperated that there is no place in the house to play. But he is very good natured (thank you, Lord!) and is doing quite well with it all...We sold his baby furniture recently to a good friend who is having a new one, and prepped him by telling him he was about to get a new, special, Big-Boy bed. We forgot to mention that he wouldn't be getting the new special bed for a few days. So when we pulled out the air mattress to inflate it for his last couple nights of sleep at the little house, he jumped up and down and screamed for joy:


...we have the greatest kid of all time...

Here he is on his new (in-between) speh-sull bed:


Oh, and the rest of our house looks great. For instance:

The Piano Room


The Room with the Couch


The Video Game Room


(yeah, that look on Noah's face is, 'Where are the DEE-oh games?!')


Your boy is so incredibly CUTE. Good luck with all that packing up and moving!

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