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28 September, 2006

Monster at the Beginning of this Blog...


24 September, 2006

Out for a Ride...

...Noah sporting his new Italitrike, cruising the streets of Sundance Square. If you didn't think this little kid got a lot of comments, just give him an Italian-crafted stroller with sweet lines and, well, let's just say it's hard to get a block down the street without getting stopped.


Here we are at the bottom of the escalators of my building, which were sadly off, as Bubby was about to hop off the new trike and take a ride on his favorite escalator...another time, perhaps.

...and yes, the pic was from a camera phone.

17 September, 2006

Leavin' / On a jet plane...

...just not yet. We're currently waiting @ SFO on a DFW weather delay...with bags full of fun presents for Noah's 3rd birthday, on Tuesday.

Okay, we're home, finally. A little bit tired, and sad to leave our beautiful city behind, but so thrilled to have our Bubby back in our arms.

13 September, 2006

the most exciting news since noah is....

baby eva!


congratulations josh and rach, we love you guys.

12 September, 2006

It's Not Even My Birthday




...sigh, not mine, sadly. But another piece of beautiful German engineering, on Taylor Street.

10 September, 2006


...are not for making beds...



7 September, 2006

Camera Phone / Walk Home

...just to the east of The Tower, this beautiful piece of classic German engineering:






6 September, 2006

is it? could it be...?

an entry from jenni!

first, an "awwwww!" moment. the day after the move we headed out to ikea with uncle matty and among many other things got noah his "new speh-shull bed"!


he's saying (with no mommy prompting whatsoever!), "thank you, daddy, for building my new speh-shull bed!" have we mentioned that we have the best kid ever?

and now that the move is (mostly) behind us, i can get back to my new favorite pastime, knitting! (don't worry non-knitters you're not in danger of this becoming a knitting blog) after ignoring it for like a week while we moved, i picked the knitting up and decided those first-for-real-knitting-project mistakes were not endearing, but yucky. so i decided to follow some skinny rabbit protocol and pull out and fix them. for me this meant starting over. but since i've figured out that i had been twisting my stitches, and now i'm not, it should go a lot faster this time around. here's where i was about a week ago:


and here it is now:


i'm still waiting for you to guess what it is, seester!

so, there you have it. whatever it is....

p.s. come back in a couple days to hear about the most exciting thing to happen to us since noah!