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31 October, 2006

Here We Go, BAY-BEE!!!

Can I just say how excited I am about today? Why? Because tonight is the first game of the new NBA season!!! Exciting stuff!

Joshwa's about to launch a new little project that will further enhance the season, and I'm also looking forward to that.


Plus, we got the Fort Worth Flyer's action about to take off, with an upcoming Draft Night Party and their first b-day...

Yesirreesir, my schedule is just about to become really full.

18 October, 2006

Time for a Haircut!


...and as soon as we get some kiddo scissors, Noah will get to give Nyokki a new do!

17 October, 2006

Daddy Wants a Big Boy Rocket...


...for his birthday:


...okay, okay, so it may be a little late for the birthday, but it's plenty early for Christmas and it will fit nicely in a suitcase to go to West Palm Beach. =^)

(Or, you can do what we're going to do, and have all of your internet-bought Christmas packages shipped straight to Sarah and Dr. J...)

14 October, 2006

Tall Man is Open Again!

...and the Bubby is happy. He's also pretty thrilled with all the acorns!

13 October, 2006

We Love Our Sister/Seester

...and just to prove how much we do, we've made it official: we're going to see her (and her doctorly husband with the confusing name) for Christmas! Anyone who knows Jonathan C. knows that he is Kevin McAllister at heart, and really, really, really wants to have a cold and white Christmas--at least a cold one. But, like it says above, we love our sister/seester, so we are off to West Palm Beach this Christmas, to hang out with her and enjoy making sand angels on the beach.

(And yes, this is all to make up for Jonathan being such a rotten brother growing up...=^)

4 October, 2006

bubby loves his daddy

and here's why:

because daddy will run repeatedly from the front door to the bedroom and back again with him.

i sure love my boys.= )

3 October, 2006

Something Not-So-Normal

...and which, of course, I now have to have:

Leave piddly doodling to the piddly doodlers--for your, er, my next big idea, I'm gonna use these bad boys/girls. I need a few of these for the office.

They'd also be great to put on my office door when I'm out, you know?

"At court, genius. Yes, that means your 'project' has to wait."

1 October, 2006

All the Cool Kids...


...have a cool little monkey friend named Nyokki whose hair actually grows. And it grows pretty stinkin' fast, just like Noah's.

Really, the whole reason they invented the internet was to help you find cool stuff (to buy your son/nephew/grandson/self).