Happy Birthday, Dad!

We salute you!


Today, Dad, El Guapo, is twenty-seven! You have been such a blessing to so many people, and we are happy to get to celebrate another year the Lord has so graciously given you.

If you're milling about LLN today, drop Dad a line and tell him something nice! It's his birthday, and there's nothing nicer than a good warm fuzzy!


Happy birthday Dad! To borrow from the DW theme (MK, to be exact):

Now is the time, now is the best time, now is the best time of your life...

And a good life it's been, one that turned to God and has been willing to change. This is such a precious thing to me: The willingness to have ears to hear and eyes to see. The ability to be humble. Thank you for that example, and keep following that path.


You have done so many things that have blessed my life, I can't even fit tiny bullet points of each in a blog entry. Thank you for being so generous and available to me. Thank you for making it loud and clear that you love spending time with us, your family.

I remember one day in Shreveport, you and I were sitting in the car (the station wagon, I think) waiting for Mom in the grocery store or something, and I was looking forward to either Christmas or a trip to Disney, and I said, 'I wish it was already here,' and I remember distinctly you telling me, 'Don't wish your life away. Enjoy today. It'll pass before you know it.'

I knew immediately, even as a little child, that that was important, something to remember and store away, and I have thought of that so many times since then. On good days and even on the bad days, not wanting to hurry my life away, but to live each day.

And, over 20 years later, now, I have a son who says things like that to me, and needs me to say wise things to him. I hope I can demonstrate the heart of Father to Noah like you have to me.

I love you more than you know. Happy Birthday, Dad.

It's a sweater!

A plethora of Happy Birthday Wishes to the Captain—Hope the day is a rockin one!

i'm with jonathan, it's too hard to put everything in a small space! i'm so grateful to have you for my father-in-law. from the very beginning you welcomed me to the family and made me feel as if i was just your fourth child. no one could ever replace my own father, but having you makes me feel not so fatherless anymore. we love you so much, dad. may the Lord's hand of blessing be on you always. have a wonderful birthday!

Happy Birthday, Ron! Hope you have a great day! And may I just add emphasis to what Jenni said - I am very glad that the Carrolls are Jenni's "other parents."

Wasn't this a great idea that Jon-jon had? What a nice reminder from folks who know and love you that your life has been and is so valuable to so many. To none more that me, of course, as you've been the most important thing on earth to me since dirt was created. We've been on a challenging, rewarding, maturing journey together, you and I, for a very long time now, and I know you agree with me completely that grace has brought us safe thus far and grace will lead us home. Thank you for stopping and asking God for directions along the way. That's what a real man does. Not to mention a most-beloved husband.
God bless and keep you, My Love. And happy, happy birthday!

Happy Birthday, Dad! (Wow! 27! Who'da thunk?)

I love that you've treated us to so many trips to Disney that I don't even remember this picture! We've had so many fun times over the years; thanks for always being so generous! : )

Something else I've always been particularly grateful for is how encouraging you've always been of my creative endeavors. Good, bad, or ugly, I've always been able to count on a "Good job! That's awesome!" from you. And that means a lot. Thanks for inspiring, encouraging and supporting me over the years!

Love you!

To say the least, I am so blessed by your loving words and ever so kind thoughts of me on this 27th BD. I do feel a tad bit older for some strange reason. I have been blessed beyound belief by God because of each of you. I thank God that he is in control, especially in your lives.May God bless each of you as you have so richly blessed me. Thanks for the great memories. I am looking forward to many more in the coming years. I am so very proud of each of you - that is both family and friends. May God grant each of you the true desires of your heart.


I came by a day late but couldn't pass up the opportunity to say a belated happy birthday to a great man! I'm so glad that God saw fit to put you in my life as another great example of what a husband and father looks like when he's seeking the Lord. Thanks for having some energy left over from your own family to love me and my siblings as well. We certainly love you! May some of the best years be still ahead for you and your family!

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