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29 January, 2007

...byyyyyyyy MEN-EN!!!

A while back, Noah passed that phase of needing diapers pretty much ever (other than sleepy-time), and one of the rewards we used to encourage him to remember to 'be a big boy' and think of going potty in the bathroom all on his own was a shaving kit. Well, Daddy has been delinquent in breaking it out to use for the first time, even though we've had it for about a year now (yeah, really delinquent), but...no more!

Bubby Shaves

25 January, 2007

Self: A 3-Photo Photo Essay, by Bubby

21 January, 2007

Sunday Fun...

I must say that as the Mavs go back to Miami for the first time since the horrific meltdown, it's nice to know that Avery is the head coach. By all accounts he's a great man and clearly one of the best coaches in the NBA, the Mavs having the best record in the NBA...

...still, there are things about Nellie to be missed:

18 January, 2007

My New T-Shirts Arrived...

...and I'm beginning to think I may have a bit of a t-shirt problem. Here is a sampling of some of the tees in my wardrobe--the top two are the new arrivals.

(...and this isn't even all of my Threadless tees, nor is it counting any of my Oddica or Paul Frank stuffs...)

...now, someone may point out that I don't have Joshwa's tee up here:

...and if I could wear a Girly Large, I totally would, because that was all they had left when I went to buy it. As it is, it's totally sold-out. Although, my friend with the $500 of store credit sure didn't offer to get me one early on...


17 January, 2007

Snow Day, Part Deux!

Snow Day! The office is closed!

...and this time, it was actually snow, not ice...

....I hope he's about to get some hot coffee!

No hamburgers today!

Mommy and Bubby enjoying watching heavy snowfall, early this morning

Let's catch some snow!

See larger versions of these pics here:

16 January, 2007

TallMan Gets a Makeover

...well, not really TallMan, but his park:

Burnett Park Might Be Re-Designed

They are talking about making it more user-friendly, more of a park. Apparently, somebody has noticed that Noah needs more grass and less concrete in his park...as he's the only 'resident' of downtown who uses it as a park.

Otherwise, it currently gets used for:

a) lunching by downtown office workers who brownbag-it
b) a maze-like sidewalk for downtown office workers

So, as a resident and father of a downtown resident, I very much second the idea of making the park into what Mr. Burnett envisioned it when, in his Will almost 100 years ago, he dictated that it be made a park amongst the trees, for mothers and young children to be able to escape the unbearable heat of Texas and enjoy themselves. While we always enjoy ourselves there, it doesn't really beckon people to come and think of it as a park. It has more of a 'business park' feel to it, the kind that makes you feel like you need to keep moving, for fear of being ticketed for 'loitering,' just the opposite of what TallMan actually wanted.

The First African-American...

...to actually have a shot at winning the White House will be Barack Obama. (Sure, Al Sharpton runs every year, but that's just to keep things lively.)

And now he's taken the first step by announcing his 'exploratory committee,' which is the regulatory filing equivalent of announcing you are running for President.

It took about 30 seconds of his speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention for viewers to realize that while they had not heard of him before--at that time he was a political unknown, running for Sentate, which he did win--they would not be forgetting his name for years to come. He was extremely well-spoken, eloquent yet simple, and painted a very clear and exciting picture of what he felt like America could become, without mudslinging or name-calling. I remembering hollering to Jenni that she needed to get into the TV room and see the man who will become the first black President of the United States.

It may not be this go-round, but it's going to happen. It is a very exciting time. My worry is that some James Earl Ray wanna-be will decide all on his red-neck own that the country's not ready for that kind of man to run our country.

Run, Obama, run.

15 January, 2007

It's All Fun and Games...

...at the Carroll high-rise, kicking it old school:


It's a partial ice day, currently, and this weekend found us sitting around in our 'drawers' playing with some gigantic Mickey Mouse cards. Noah doesn't seem to be getting the concept that you shouldn't tell people what cards you have.


11 January, 2007


...I wish I had gone to the trouble to call a bookie in Vegas, because while Stevie WonderBoy was still giving the keynote announcing the iPhone, I was telling Jenni it would be less than 24 hours before Cisco sued them for trademark infringement...

...I was right. Cisco has owed the 'iPhone' mark since 2000, and they're not so happy.

10 January, 2007

Another Reason to Love this Lady...

The U.S. Representative of our favorite city with a public smoking ban is all about kicking the 'butts' at the Capitol, too:

Pelosi Bans Smoking Near House Floor

Meanwhile here in Fort Worth, the City Council and Mayor have spent over a year trying to determine whether there's any reason to ban smoking in public places because, really, how do they know that second-hand smoke actually is bad?

9 January, 2007

Room with a View

The Neil P. building is close to being entirely finished, and while we have seen movers and have even noticed a few pieces of furniture popping up in windows across the street, there are no signs of resident life yet. I suspect this will change soon, though.

These are shots out one of our bedroom windows this morning at about 7:00...

One of the things I love about the living in the city is that it wakes up like we do: a little at a time, a bit quiet and groggy early in the morning. It kabumps about in the dark, you hear it making coffee, as the sounds of traffic and garbage trucks slowly percolate. There's a bit of a surge around 7:00 or so, maybe that's a quick shower. It finally rousts itself to a lively beat, the sound of cars, the quick walk of people getting out of the cold and into the office--or maybe they're going to Starbucks for something warm.

It's a quiet dance the city does, every Mon-Fri...and then on the weekends, it is sluggish and sleeps in...

...just like us.

8 January, 2007

Bubby Gets a Camera

While a Kodak 110 camera that I won in an art competition may have been good enough for me, only the best for our Bubby! Thanks to Fisher-Price and Marmee, Noah has been shooting pictures like crazy with his own digital camera, and let me tell you, he likes abstract photos. Below are some of the better shots from his very first 'roll'. Now, if only I could convince him to stop taking point blank photos of his bedroom door.

...yeah, Daddy spends a lot of time emptying the SD card...

5 January, 2007

Clint Sings a Song!

Okay, so Clint sings a lot of songs, and he does a great job, but here's one you can go listen to:

Your Love

This is through his computer using GarageBand. The instruments are all 'live.'

Well done, Clint! It sounds great!

3 January, 2007

The Seamstress Speaketh...

Our ultra-creative/cute/swanky seester just posted for the first time in a while on her blog...so go read it, while I figure out how to get these pictures off Noah's new digital camera...