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29 June, 2007

Daddy's Not Getting an iPhone...

...not for a while anyway, and believe me, I really, really want one (which differentiates me in no way from the other 292 million Americans who WON'T be getting one). The mobile blogging and 2M camera alone make it worth the price and my while. But still, I'm trying to pass up on this luxury goodie, for the time being, and here's the list I've got going so far:

  1. My Treo Jenni gave me last year is barely even a year old
  2. I have a video iPod in perfect condition that's just a year and a half old
  3. am about to upgrade to Adobe CS3 Design Premium, which is a larger small fortune than the small fortune an iPone costs
  4. (I think) We're about to buy a new Beetle or GTI
  5. I need a bass more than I actually NEED an iPhone
  6. I don't want Clint to feel like he's the only person who doesn't have an iPhone, since he works for a competitor and will most likely be fired once he actually does get one

So, alas, there will be no small magical 'All your dreams come true' maker coming home with me today. But I WILL be taking home an extra groovy box of goodies from Oddica, which I'll post about later and which, yes, involves robots...

18 June, 2007

All Your Father's Day Are Belong to Us!


We like Robots at our house, particularly killer robots bent on destruction and world domination. In keeping with this, Jenni and Noah gave me (among other things) the t-shirt above for Father's day, part of a load of things they did to make it a wonderful weekend for me, a so-so father. I love them so much, and am so grateful that I will clearly be showing my allegiance the day robots take over. I hope Sonny will put in a good word for us...


Thanks to Jenni and Noah, and also Mom and Dad and Mary Beth and Grandma and Matty, who all made this a great weekend!

8 June, 2007

you want pictures? you got 'em!

jonathan is right, i've been very deficient in sharing the pictures i take of my very favorite man. get ready to scroll.....

christmas goodies!

he just made a good shot while playing golf with noah.

showing noah proper form

the genius at work.

daddy snuggles are best!

i think frank's brain just fell out.


c'mon, daddy, play with me!

genius is burning.

josh and jonjon enjoying fruit roll-ups.

so there you go. a selection of pictures with jonathan in them from the last 6 months. enjoy!

7 June, 2007

Where am I?!

I was just about to post how I'm never in any family photos anymore cos no one takes any of me with Jenni and Noah and how my photo album is full of pictures missing me--which is how my life feels at the moment--and I was going to conclude that I need to become rich and famous so I can have a photographer follow us around and take pictures with me in them...

...and then I came across the picture below in iPhoto and decided maybe less pictures of me is a good thing, and maybe it's time I take away Noah's camera...



6 June, 2007

This is fun...

Click on the picture...and give it a sec...