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30 July, 2007

Dr. Scrabbleglove, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying About the Perfect Birthday Present and Love Little Tiles


Click on the photo below to enlarge for detail:

23 July, 2007



While most of the literate world is collectively hoping that no one on TV or a website or e-mail or in the subway or wearing one of these shirts will tell them how the most anticipated fiction book of modern time ends, my quiet time this morning actually revealed the ending, and it's very g>ood:

'There is surely a future hope for you
And your hope will not be cut off.'

I don't know about you, but lately an injection of hope is a good thing for me. What a promise: Your hope will not be cut off! Isn't that the thing about hope: it's something you're anticipating that's for good, but the second you question whether said good anticipation will ever come to fruition, the moment doubt takes over even just a little, hope fades.

Often, we ourselves are the source of our hope: it is up to us to keep it alive and to do the hope-ing. But not so, the Word reveals: We have One Who Is our Hope Himself. He has no doubt, no capacity to fail. There is 0% likehood that He Will not do as He promises. And He Is not an uncaring Judge, nor Is He even a Father who simply knows how to give good gifts to His children.

Not only Is He pulling for us, not only does He want the best for us, but He also ensures the victory and the success! He Himself is our Hope and the fulfillment of our hope!

Now that is an ending that you can tell me about any day...

20 July, 2007

This is How We Roll

...at the Carroll House. We're hip. We're with it.

...and we're gittin' jiggy wid it!


16 July, 2007

Happy Birthday, Mary Beth!


We had a great weekend, and it all started with a fun day off on Friday, having a fun day out with Mary Beth to celebrate her birthday. We headed over to West Village in Dallas, a place Jenni and Noah and I frequent, and where we thought Mary Beth would enjoy going for her first time. I think she did, and I KNOW that the people at Taco Diner, Legacy Trading Company, Ann Taylor Loft, and most importantly, the Paul Frank Store were very happy to see us! Noah and I even got to take a little break at Starbucks to enjoy an Izze, some vanilla milk, and some a few books Daddy had tucked away in his messenger bag for just such a moment of respite.

We had a great time over there, and thank the Lord, the weather stayed great for us.

After that, we headed home to freshen up and then to meet (as a surprise) the rest of the fam at Reata downtown to enjoy some very yummy dinner. Then, back to the elevator house for some mini-cakes and presents!

We had a blast, and I hope Mary Beth did, too! Happy Birthday! We tried really hard to make it a good one. We love you!


11 July, 2007

Wife-Bragging-On Time!!!


Can I just say how proud and super-impressed I am with Jenni?! She continues to blow me away with how she is steaming through learning how to use her sewing machine, as evidenced by the nifty sack above, but more on that later.

When we got the sewing machine, we also bought about 10 yards of clearance fabric for her to start practicing on. And I mean, really: the moment we got home, she dove right in to the very difficult task of reading the poorly illustrated and rarely captioned manual, and she started figuring things out. Not much later, she was making 'coasters,' just to figure out the stitches and start on getting them straight.

Soon, our house was filled with the pleasant hum of Jenni sewing away! Most of the time, I had no idea what she was sewing, I just knew the gentle hum of the Singer in the background meant something was happening that involved fabric and thread. Occasionally, she would pop out a placemat experiment, and then another, better placemat experiment. Those were followed by an apron, and she just went on and on, burning her way through the 10 yards of fabric.

(As a total sidenote, when we took the bolts of fabric to the cutter at Joann's and, when the lady asked how much of the pink fabric Jenni wanted--you should have seen the lady just about swallow her tongue when Jenni happily chirped, '6 yards!' I mean, if you haven't sewn lately or ever--that's a lot of fabric. Like, we're talking the Von Trapp kids could be totally clothed for summer in 6 yards of fabric.)

Anyhoo, at some point we were conjecturing about fun things she could do with her new sewing machine, maybe things she could eventually make to sell on Etsy, or at one of the two downtown stores here that are boutique-ish and whose owners we're good friends with. One of the things we came up with was fabric 'brown bags,' for women who want a fun, fresh way to bring their lunch to work. Make 'em lined, put in a bit of a bottom, use fun fabrics, just an idea...and I'll help you make a pattern, figure out measurements, etc...

So, on Sunday, while I'm sitting at the lappie making the internets (as Keegan says), I heard the occasional whirring of the Singer, and I don't give it no nevermind. And about two hours later, Jenni hands me the bag above, which she had designed, eyeballed, cut and sewn, all as a little experiment, all on her own.


I was totally blown away. She is doing so great, and I am so proud of her! She's had the machine for just two weeks or so, and with no prior experience or training, is totally destroying it! Who knows what she will do next?!

...anything she puts her mind to! I know she can, and I am so proud of her, and so excited to see what she does next.

I love you, baby!

10 July, 2007

Daddy Gets a Haircut


8 July, 2007

Mi Familia, Mi Cocina, Mi Centro

1 July, 2007

Robotica Oddica

...so while I didn't take home an iPhone over the weekend, I did get a very fun box of goodies from my favorite online t-shirt stop (which is NOT Threadless)...

Open up the box, and what's inside? All this ill-booten-gotty (thousand points to the first person who rightly identifies that quote!), all of which makes up the Oddica Robot Trilogy:

One of the things I prefer about Oddica over Threadless is that with each shirt you buy, they give you a corresponding 'library-card' style bookmark, as well as a pin. (Another reason Oddica is better is that when you order stuff, it ships and you get it immediately, whereas Threadless charges you immediately, and sometimes ships your stuff 10 days later.)

I only really liked two of the robot shirts (sorry Robot-fighting-the-bear shirt), but what really pushed me over the edge was the very cool Robot tin it all came in ('limited edition' of only 55...until they print more, but who cares, I really like it):

I really liked this shirt:

...and this one...

And this groovy sticker is either going on the back of the Mac Book Pro, or on the VW...