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31 August, 2007

The Office Gets Shredded? Scrubs Scrubbed? NBC Will Not Renew ITunes Contract


NBC Universal has notified Apple that it will not renew its iTunes contract which represents 40% of all digital videos downloaded from iTunes, including the very popular and much-downloaded series 'The Office,' (which Apple regularly uses screen shots of in its advertising), 'Scrubs,' and 'Saturday Night Live.'


NBC Universal and Apple have been in contentious negotiations as of late, mostly over, you guessed it, money. NBC Universal, of course, wants more. This follows Universal Music Group (part of Vivendi, the world's largest corporation) recently announcing that they would not renew their contract to sell music through iTunes.

Videos of NBC shows will be available on iTunes through December, when the original contract expires. As to the Universal music, they announced that they would sell to Apple 'at will,' meaning they can cancel their partnership at a moments notice.

Whether this all is actually carried out remains to be seen. In several ways, Apple does not make much money off the actual digital products sold on iTunes--between 70 and 80 percent go directly to the labels and studios. So in effect, NBC and Universal have decided to bite the hand that feeds. But Uncle Steve is very well known for not taking things sitting down. If an agreement is not able to be reached before December, expect all sorts of fireworks.

27 August, 2007

El Sabor Delicioso!

On the way home from church yesterday, we stopped by Central Market for a drink run...and I got one of my faves, the one-liter of imported Mexican Coke:


And it was a good selection, since I had leftover Mexican food for my yummy lunch.


23 August, 2007

Featured Etsy Merchant: Matte Stephens, Artist Extraordinaire

Some people are so talented, they just make you sick. Or envious. Or just plain bored with whatever it is you're currently doing that's not quite so groovy. The world is full of people like this. But there's always room for one more.

Welcome, Matte Stephens!

the giant suburban bear

Matte is a young artist from Alabama who has a flair for the whimsical. He has been painting for a living for the last 12 years, drawing influences from all things modern, including Charles Eames, George Nelson, and Irving Harper. His work can be found in various galleries and art shows in NYC and throughout the country.

As of Friday morning, he had sold 715 pieces of his gorgeous art through his Etsy store. I'm hoping that it's 716 soon, cos I'd really like someone to get me something from there. Maybe 'the giant suburban bear print'. I really like the one pictured above, 'the giant suburban bear visits nyc'. The 'nyc print' is also very nice. Or, if you were feeling generous, perhaps the 'shoe painting original'.

Either way, go take a look at his wonderful work, and if you don't get something for me, get something for yourself. We're going to be hearing more about Matte Stephens, I'm sure.

20 August, 2007

Run, Timmy! It's a Robot Beltbuckle!!!

My loverly wife is not the only person who has so wonderfully surprised me with something robot-related. My voonderbob sister also surprised me--OUT OF NOWHERE!!!--with this gift (which she also found on Etsy):

Why, yes, I also model!

I have no idea why I really like robots so much. I think some of it is how Dad likes old sci-fi and how we used to watch a lot with him, particularly when we were little. Some of it is probably my affection for the now-dead 'Horizons' ride at EPCOT Center and how there were just a ton of robots in it. Either way, while I may not know exactly the mystery behind my affinity for all things robotica, I DO know that I am most grateful to my sister and my wife for their recent fun sturprises (yes, I meant to spell it that way) that they have so thoughtfully and generously bequeathed me. Thank you so much, Sarah and Jenni. I love you both so much.

Don't forget to click on the pics. They will enlarge for greater detail!

Run, Timmy!!! IT'S A ROBOT!!!

17 August, 2007

Meet Marcus the Robot!

Recently, Jenni surprised me with a new robot! And not just any robot, Marcus the Robot, hand-made by Vandicklier.

Check out his majesty!


No, seriously, check it out:

Everybody at work has stopped by to inquire about the new addition to my desk, and everybody has asked the same question:

'Does the latch work?'


He is a fairly advanced robot. He runs on pipe cleaners. Very energy efficient.

I love the detail Vandicklier went to in building this thing. It's great, and I really love it.

Thanks so much to my wonderful wife for such a fun surprise. Now, you all know I love robots, and Vandicklier has tons more. And really, if he knew how much I liked them, he'd charge more than $16 at his Etsy store. But since that's it, you all may go buy me one.



(No, I'm not putting a smiley face here, cos I'm serious. I love robots!)

We found a whole, robot-village!

So props to Vandicklier, and much thanks to my loverly wife. My wonderful seester also recently surprised me with some robot paraphernalia, and as soon as Jenni gets her fair share of glory, it will be Sarah's time for hers...

16 August, 2007

Let's Settle This Like Adults!!!

You know how when you play SceneIt and 'tie' on a question, you get those fun little tie-breaker questions to help resolve the issue without bloodshed?

Well, this would work, too:

Pro Thumb Wrestling!

6 August, 2007

Suckin'>Suckin' Down Snow Cones!

We had the chance to pop out for some shaved ice the other evening...so we did, and it was yummy!