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29 September, 2007

Weekend Fun: How Berkeley Can You Be!?

How Berkeley Can You Be!?

Josh and Rach are 'out of town' this weekend, but if not, I'm sure they'd jaunt over to the 12th Annual 'How Berkeley Can You Be!?' festival. After all, aside from the beautiful weather, that banana-mobile is for real, a definite must-see.

Alas, we are also 'out of town'.

Bonus photo, in lieu of actually going to Berkeley:

Legit Hippee Sighting

Legit Hippee Sighting, by Josh Williams

28 September, 2007

Featured Etsy Merchant: My SISTER, Sarah Carroll Wilson / 579 Jewelry!

Those of you that know my sister know that she's extraordinarily crafty. At the Carroll highrise, we benefit often from her creativity, and her mad skills with yarn, thread, fabric and such things. In fact, she is becoming quite the acclaimed knitter, being employed as a test knitter and as a pattern-maker, among other things.

But just recently, she started a new venture, her own Etsy shop, 5 7 9 Jewelry! (Okay, it's not all her own, Laury Royse is her partner in this efthis effort.)

Etsy - 579 Jewelry  Sarah Wilson Carroll

The name '5 7 9' part of the name is derived from the fact that they sell their handmade jewelry items for $5, $7 and $9, quite the steal any way, but especially when you consider that the price includes shipping!

Some of the current items include:

5 Dollar Blue and Silver Keychain with Glass and Shell Beads

5 7 9 Jewelry, Blue and Silver Keychain, available at Etsy

7 Dollar Turquoise Blue Shell Earrings

5 7 9 Jewelry, 7 Dollar Turquoise Blue Shell Earrings, available at Etsy

9 Dollar Beaded Belt/Necklace


I wish my sister the utmost of success in this new project, as I do in all the many things she does. And I know she will do great! Why? Because she is uber-talented and very creative, and on top of it all, she knows how to...

Make it work. I highly recommend you run over to her store right now, check it out, and buy something! At only $5, $7, $9, you can afford to get a couple of things!

27 September, 2007

Return of The Office! (Wii / Mii Like!)

In honor of The Office starting back up tonight (with 1-hour episodes for the first four weeks!), and also because we broke out the Wii (thanks, Dad and Mom!) for the first time last night but didn't have time to set up our Mii characters, I give you (yes, what some of you have seen before):

The Office Miis!!!

Dwight Shrute Mii

Dwight Shrute

Jim Halpert Mii

Jim Halpert

Pam Beesly Mii

Pam Beesly

(Bonus Mii for Sarah:)

Borat Mii

26 September, 2007

The Holy Bible, for Everyman, Illustrated by Crush

...well, just a cover, actually: British design firm Crush was approached by Hodder & Stoughton Publishers to design a cover for a new edition of the Bible. They wanted a cover that would reach out to non 'card-carrying Christians,' something that would grab them and challenge them to have the Bible be more a part of their lives:

The Holy Bible, cover by Crush

The Holy Bible, cover by Crush

24 September, 2007

Birthday Party IV: This Time, It's for Real!!!

Blurry Bubby Picture

Saturday seems a bit of a blur now, but a few things are known:

Birthday Balloons and a Bubby

1. There were balloons

Frog Memory Game Picture

2. These eyeballs are supposed to come out.

Threadless and other Groovy Tees Picture

3. There were clever t-shirts, especially the one Brittany brought for the Bubby that said, 'I Still Live with My Parents'

Aftermath Picture

4. There was an aftermath.

Home Depot Tools Playset picture

5. LJ is a great helper (really), showing the patience/self-control of a saint, and 6. I have a wonderful wife, without whom I would be utterly helpless.

Smiley Baby Girl Picture

7. Kailey is such a groovy, happy little trooper: I never saw her without a big smile, and her gleeful shrieks just made me laugh, which reminds me of 8. how, without a doubt, we undeservedly have such a wonderful collection of superb family and friends.

Mas Y mas balloons picture

9. There were balloons.

21 September, 2007

Keep Calm and Carry On

Keep Calm and Carry On Poster

This WWII mantra might just as well be our personal motto for the next 24 hours. Noah's 4th birthday party is tomorrow afternoon, and while we totally are not planning any huge soirée or sorta-super Sweet Sixteen, our natural state of ultra-laid-backness makes our house a hectic beehive anytime we have to plan just about anything. We are really REALLY looking forward to having friends over, and Noah is stoked about playing his new 'treasure ball' game with Nate and John. We just tend to overreact to anything that's so set in stone and requires, by a particular deadline, things like baking and couch-moving and seat-counting and praying to God the elevators are still working tomorrow, and figuring out once and for all if doing an Elmo pináta in our apartment will work or not.

...you know, normal stuff.

And with the Bubbster's, God-willing, last appointment related to his kidney issues taking up a good portion of today, it puts us behind the eight ball a bit already.

Only in our minds, I suspect.

Oh, and Jenni really wants one of those posters.

Keep Calm and Carry On Poster

20 September, 2007

Golfing Buddies!

Mommy and Bubby Playing some Mini-Putt!

One of the fun things we did for Bubby's special day was go play some fun Mountasia! You'll of course notice the matching Threadless tees. Bubby was so thrilled to match his Mommy.

19 September, 2007

Happy Birthday, Bubby!

Happy Birthday, Bubby!

Four years ago today, at 5:41 a.m., after 3 and 1/2 hours of the strangest birthing experience I've ever heard, just as it was becoming extremely apparent to me how unready I was to be a parent, God decided I was ready enough, and the Bubby was born. And while the last four years have been a wild, emotional spread of joy and scaredness and learning and failing and trying and laughing and crying, like we pray every night, he was and is a blessing from the Lord.

The Happiest Kid Around!

We love you, our special little boy, and we are so glad God gave you to us. May you grow in wisdom and stature and in favor with Him and with men. May your heart delight in Him and may He give you the desires of your heart, today, and every day.

18 September, 2007

Etsy Item of the Day: Robot Necktie, by SugarLust

I don't wear neckties much (read=ever), but I may have to start soon:

Robot Necktie by SugarLust, on Etsy.com

The Robot Necktie, by Etsy merchant Sugarlust. For those instances when you just have to wear a necktie. Like, the day the robots finally take over! Or the day, after they've taken over, that you have to interview for your first 'replacement' job as a robot slave, maybe as a janitor, vacuuming the floor for an iRobot. Either way, you'll be styling and sure to earn some brownie points with your new AI boss.

Oh, if you're going to get me something from SugarLust, I'll take one of these instead (cos I've already got something to wear that inevitable day robots take over):

Robot Messenger Bag, by SugarLust on Etsy

17 September, 2007

New Threads from Wire&Twine: Skeleton Smart-Tee!

Skeleton Glow-in-the-Dark Tee from WireandTwine.com

Just in time for fall, those clever fellows over at Wire&Twine have introduced a new 'Smart-Tee,' the stylish Skeleton Smart-tee! Aside from its smart design, what makes it so smart? The bottom front of the tee features the title word upside down, so the little guy or girl lucky enough to be sporting these threads can look down and see, 'Oh yeah, there's a SKELETON on my tee!'

Like so:

WireandTwine.com Smart-tees: Smart, clever, and very groovy!

That is smart! And huge bonus: This one glows in the dark!

Way to go, Chris and Co., for another fun creation! It will be coming to a house near us soon. (And anyone else out there can feel free to order the Bubby this, this, this, or this.

Keep up the good work, Chris. And congrats, also, for the other things keeping you busy lately...

16 September, 2007

The Killers: Somebody Told Me...

...that you had a brother, who bought you some tickets...

Somebody was right: Thanks to Matty for the great (early) birthday presents to me and Jenni of tickets to see The Killers at Nokia in Grand Prairie this past Thursday night. They totally rocked it out:

The Killers at Nokia in Grand Prairie, TX

With only two albums out, they played just about every song they have, including my favorite, 'All These Things that I've Done,' which was the encore closer. The crowd was incredible, singing along with every song from the get-go. From Mr. Brightside and Somebody Told Me, Jenny Was a Friend of Mine and Read My Mind, to Noah's favorite Bones, they had it all...almost: in reflecting afterwards, they did NOT play Change Your Mind, which I love, although admittedly, this was the 'Sam's Town' show from the second album, and I think they may HAVE played all of that album.

The Killers at Nokia in Grand Prairie, TX

Props to The Killers for an outstanding show. Huge thanks to Matty for his generous gift to us, and also a shout-out to Mom and Dad for keeping the Bubby, who was not too thrilled to find out that we had gone to see 'Come with MEEEEEEE!!!!!!' as he calls it, without him.

12 September, 2007

You Thought YOU Paid a Lot for Gas


Lucy! Somebody's been playing with the 5's again!

10 September, 2007

Knit. Bake. Eat. Repeat.

Jenni and Sarah must--yes, ladies, must--make some of these the next time they get together for some knitting or crocheting or whatever it winds-up-being-ing...

And just as I am always proud to wear whatever fun things they make me, I will also be very happy to eat these beautiful delicacies!

9 September, 2007

The Family that IKEA's Together...

Saturday it was time for our little family to go to make a trek to IKEA. This one wasn't for some hard to say Swedish chair or for some other modern furniture or home decor. It was those more necessary, organizational items.

..but first, it was time for some breakfast.

Ah, a healthy way to start an early Saturday morning!


Isn't Jenni so pretty?!


...but I still look a bit tired...


Then, on to chair-testing time! (Okay, so I said no furniture, but we didn't buy any furniture, or even a smallish chair...)


...you know, for kids!


Okay, that cinnamon roll didn't last us so long...it was soon time for lunch. Mine on the right, Jenni's on the left:


View from our table by the window.


Yes, even at IKEA, Noah is a little TV fiend...


Noah really loves those little play stations they have scattered throughout IKEA, and they're a good respite after having to sit in the cart or after hours of trying hard not to touch things.


A busy little checker!




All tired after a long IKEA kind of day!


6 September, 2007

Latest Edition to the Family: Miro the Robot - by Vandicklier

So the other day, out of the blue, Mary Beth surprised me with the groovy little robot below, Miro, made by Etsy artisan Vandicklier:

Check him out in all his majesty...no seriously, check him out! (And don't forget to click the landscaped pics to enlarge.)

Silly question, since we've seen Vandicklier's groovy work before, but 'Does his latch work?'

Heck yeah it does!

So thanks a bunch, Mary Beth! What a nice surprise! And let's all keep up the good work of supporting those great folks over at Etsy.