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31 October, 2007

Busy Birthdays Are Over...

...and now it's time to

Keep Calm and Carry On

Let's see, in the last 11 days we have had:

1. Last day of work at the longest job I've ever worked at
2. Trip to OKC to visit friends from far and near and get no sleep at all
3. First day (and first week!) of new job, in a totally different field and work atmosphere
4. My birthday
4a. I got an iPhone
5. Our joint birthday
6. Jenni's birthday

I would say that we would stop now and catch our collective breath, but Matty's birthday is coming up, followed by Grandma's, then Sarah's in town, Turkey Day, 2 Cowboys games on Thursday in a row, and then it's Christmas.


Thanks so much to Victoria (our most favorite blogger in the world) for the Keep Calm poster. We know you're not retiring off of the 20ish bucks for printing, shipping and handling these goodies, so the next time we're in SF, your latte's on us!

29 October, 2007

Happy Update / Birthday!

Okay, so long time, no posting...Well, it's not like a lot hasn't been going on...like a major career change, birthdays, the purchase of an iPhone...you know, little stuff.

Happy Birthday, Jenni!

At the Carroll highrise, we're busy celebrating Jenni's birthday, among other things. And as soon as I can figuan figure out how to mobile-post from my iPhone, there are going to be a ton of updates on this blog.

In the meantime, please visit alwaysalmost.vox.com, my other blog, to which posting from my iPhone is incredibly easy. In fact, I've posted a couple dozen times there in the last week since I bought my iPhone. So you may want to check the archives. Tons of groovy pics of the last few, fun-filled days.

11 October, 2007

Green River Ordinance GRO's Up, Signs with Capitol Records

Green River Ordinance

photography by pixel peach

My good friend Denton Hunker (far left above, although normally he doesn't have 'crazy eyes') is living out the dream, his band Green River Ordinance having just signed with Capitol Records, home of The Beatles and Coldplay, to name a few. Over the past few years here in Fort Worth, they have earned the title Best 'Local' Band, and having heard scores of local bands, I can easily agree with it. Green River Ordinance has an excellent rock sound, and they put on a superb live show. In fact, when they play at a venue, it feels more like a 'big-time' band is there, and I feel certain that with the help and direction of the good people at Capitol, GRO soon will be that 'big-time' band.

Not that they are small potatoes now: they have already played on tour with Bon Jovi, including a stop at a 'local' venue, American Airlines Center. We're going to be headed to the huge patio at 8.0 tonight to rock it out with GRO at their signing party. It's going to be totally groovy.

If you want to check out their music, which you totally should, go to www.freegro.net, where they are giving away their first CD online as a free (and legal) download. And then, book it to iTunes and buy their EP, Way Back Home

Green River Ordinance

photography by pixel peach

So congratulations, boys, and buckle up! The fun has just begun, the fun has just begun...

9 October, 2007

Katharina Leuzinger, Artist of the Day

Umbrella Tote bag by Katharina Leuzinger, for PoketoIt's too late to buy one of Katharina Leuzinger's Umbrella Tote bags, as they are out of print. But as much as we love and collect bags over here, it's a least worth a moment or two of bag-coveting.

Katharina's upbringing by her respectively Swiss and Japanese parents shines through in her exceptional work, evoking a playful fancy while demonstrating an exceptionally finished craft. She has a new web presence that is 'coming soon,' where we expect to continue admiring her creativity and handiwork.

Mielo, by Katharine Leuzinger

7 October, 2007

Robot Attack Protection From Old Glory Insurance

And this is why I love YouTube: A 1995 skit from SNL featuring Sam Waterson hawking what every senior American may eventually need: insurance protection from robots.

Sunday Afternoon...

Sunday Afternoon Fun, Jenni Blogging at the iMac

Jenni blogs, Noah naps, and I go to the library, for DVDs--don't get me wrong, I go to the library for books, but I've got 12 I need to finish reading, which I'll highlight later. This afternoon was just DVDs, and which five were they?

1. I Heart Huckabees
2. The Royal Tenenbaums (I love this movie)
3. View from the Top
4. Diamonds are Forever

and one for Noah, as always:

5. Buzz Lightyear of Star Command

1 October, 2007

Design*Sponge Turns...New!

Design * Sponge screenshot

Congrats to those cool kids over at Design*Sponge, who after three good years at their Blogger site have made a jump to a new hosting and platform situation. As one would expect, the new site is fabulous, and sports lots of new and enhanced features, including:

D*S has over 20,000 daily readers, so they don't need props from us. But still, props nonetheless: It looks great, Grace, and we can't wait to see what you do next!

One of These Things Is Not Like the Others

Weather in Dallas, Chicago, New York, and San Francisco


Monday Morning Monster Madness!

Vonster.com  |  The Illustration of Von Glischka

Oh my word, it's not just Monday, it's stinking Oc-frickin-TOBER!!! (and yet still a sweltering 90+ degree day is expected here in North Texas). Time to celebrate by upgrading your desktop background: Go Get a Monster (or something clever) from Vonster!