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30 January, 2008

Obey Urges You to Vote...and Asks for Some Support

OBEY Vote! picture

With Super Tuesday fast approaching, those Phenomenologists over at Obey are getting into the campaigning spirit, with a call to the ballot box, urging Americans the country over to exercise their right to be the 'We' in 'We, the people.'

Of course, like me, they have a particular candidate they'd like to ask you to vote for:

...more a statesman than a politician. He was against the war when it was an unpopular position (and Hillary was for the war at that time)...he is for energy and environmental conservation. He is for healthcare reform.

And who could they be talking about? Who else:

Barack Obama Obey vote print

In realizing the importance of this election, and the rare opportunity to have a real change in Washington, we are trying to get involved in any way we can. One of the new steps was to set up a fundraising page to help raise campaign support for Obama. Whatever you may have heard from pundits, the truth is this: Barack Obama's campaign is not being funded by lobbyists and special interests groups or PACs; it is being funded by regular Americans like us, and like the lady Barack likes to mention when he talks, who sent him a moneygram for $3.01, along with a verse from the Bible. (Any guess on the verse?)

Maybe Obama's not your guy. Maybe you're not so sure about giving money to a Democrat (or even a Republican for that matter). But maybe, just maybe, you are ready for some change, and maybe, just maybe, you're ready to do something about it.

Make a donation today, won't you? We can make a change together, no matter what the pundits or political curmudgeons say.


29 January, 2008

The Fabulous Hands (and Legs!) of My Loverly Wife

A while back, I got my loverly wife a sewing machine, because, some time before that, I had bought her the fabulous Lotta Jansdotter's *pause for oohing and ahhing at her fabulousness* Simple Sewing, not really thinking about how every project required a machine (I mean, you can sew by hand, right?)

Well, not too longer after that, I got her a few crafting books, one of them being Sew What! Skirts, so that, if Jenni ever got tired of making placemats and aprons, she would have some other projects to do. Sunday after noon, I see she has out her machine, and some of that pattern paper, and I figure she's out to make one of these 'simple' skirts, which would be her first try at it.

Moments later, I see her newest skirt, cut to pieces all over the floor and kitchen table--WHAT?!!!

Jenni skirt picture 1

...turns out, she was adjusting an existing skirt to make the length more flattering and comfortable. And it wasn't an easy project, with the skirt being double-layers, and the bottom layer being a satin (satin-esque?) material which was not easy to handle.

Jenni skirt picture 2

She did a fantastic job, don't you think?! I myself would have been petrified to cut to shreds a new piece of 'store-bought' clothing, for fear of ruining it or in some other way altering it beyond wearability.

...and that is why my wife is my hero, cos she isn't afraid to do stuff like that. Well, I think she may be afraid, but she doesn't let it paralyze her into inaction.

Way to go, baby! I'm so proud of you!

27 January, 2008

Sunday, Foggy Sunday

Sunday, Foggy Sunday, originally uploaded by laughcrazy.

25 January, 2008

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!, originally uploaded by laughcrazy.

...and we ARE happy!

24 January, 2008

Bingo the Clowno: Today's Blast from the Past

In case you haven't been traumatized by clowns lately:

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22 January, 2008

LEGO Airplane Construction Progress, Part III

Okay, it's slow going, but we've got the plane done now:

LEGO City Airplane

LEGO City Airplane

LEGO City Airplane

LEGO City Airplane

And Bubby's take on the matter, using his Fisher-Price digital camera:

LEGO City Airplane

LEGO City Airplane

LEGO City Airplane

21 January, 2008

Mats for Matte Stephens

After the purchase of our new HDTV and an early December trip to Disney World, Jenni and I decided to keep out Christmas spending budgets for each other to a minimum. As my ever-resourceful wife oft does, she made every penny count, scoring me two prints from artist Matte Stephens, via his Velocity store: Bavarian Bear Monster, and Moose Mombo.

Click photo to enlarge.

Like some others in the blogosphere, I used some Christmas money that I received to purchase frames for the prints. Now all I need is to take it all back to the frame shop for a couple of mats, and the bear and the moose will be set.

As I've said before, I love Matte Stephen's art: it whimsical and happy, and I can always use more happy. So thanks, baby!

Speaking of Matte Stephens, he is currently the featured 'Student of the Month' artist at ReForm School and just had new paintings and a new print featured at the ReForm School opening on January 19th. Matte's new print is an 11x17 entitled 'Fossil Fuel Fun,' and at only $40 is quite a steal. And as there are only 50 of them, I'd go get one now, if I were you.

(Fun side note: on August 23, 2007, I blogged how I wanted someone to buy me some of Matte Stephen's fun art, and noted that, as of that date, he had sold 715 items on his Etsy store. As of January 20th? Matte has sold 1,333 items...yowza...)

Keep up the great work, Matte!

20 January, 2008

Building a LEGO Jet Engine

Building a LEGO Jet Engine, originally uploaded by laughcrazy.

16 January, 2008

LEGO Airplane Construction Progress, Part II

Slowly but surely, we're making progress on the LEGO City Airport and Airplane:

LEGO airplane picture

As you can see, we now have a nosecone and windshield, so our little pilot doesn't have to sit exposed at 35,000 feet, going 400 miles an hour.

LEGO airplane picture

The wings are on, too. However, we've really slowed down, what with the competition from other cool toys Bubby got at Christmas, like the indoor tent thingy, all sorts of things Wii (Mario and Sonic at the Olympics, anyone?), another LEGO set, with a hard-to-put-together-if-you're-only-4 robot, all sorts of fun books, and Daddy's inability to stop buying new DVDs. (Latest: James and the Giant Peach.)

LEGO airplane picture

Oh, that and I just got a new prime lens, which I'm very excited about using more...like in all of the shots above.

15 January, 2008

MacWorld 2008 Keynote Breaks iTunes

Welcome Back, Julius!

After a long wait, my Paul Frank 'Julius' watch is back!

Paul Frank Julius Watch

Why a long wait, you ask? Well, the battery was dead, and everywhere Jenni or I took the watch kept telling us they wouldn't let us buy a battery from them and pay them to change it since we didn't buy the watch from them. (No, we didn't buy it from you, we bought it at the Paul Frank Store in San Fran-flipping-cisco!)

Anyhoo, it finally got replaced, and I'm happy. I got this watch when I was working at a full-time job for which I was grateful, but which daily work did nothing more than simply fill empty hours in a day and generally bore me out of my mind. So I got this watch as a portable inspiration to keep pressing on for more creative endeavors, and to remind the starched shirts I worked with that I was taking life a bit easier than they. Also, Jenni has the women's version of this watch, so it was just another reminder of how I'm pressing forward with the full support and togetherness of my wife of almost 7 years.

So welcome back, Julius. Happy to see your smiling face around again. And props to Haltoms in downtown Fort Worth, not just for fixing my watch and replacing the battery, but for doing it for free.

13 January, 2008

Facial Hairclub for Men (and Women?)

If your beard isn't growing in as well as you'd like, there are a variety of options available to you other than a Marks-a-Lot fill-in job.

My fave: the felt beard:

felt beard picture

The old-school 'Moustache-on-a-stick':

moustache on a stick picture

This beard is NOT washable:

paper napkin beard picture

These beards ARE washable:

facial hairclub for men shirt picture

Even if you're a girl, you can still get in on the action!

Nods to Victoria, Elizabeth, and Chris.

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11 January, 2008

Free iPhone Wallpaper 1: Cracking Textured Wall

free iphone wallpaper background

I've been wanting to make some iPhone wallpapers to distribute lately, but haven't had that much quality time to do so. I have made a couple, though, so here's the first for you, a textured background. It's actually part of an abandoned house I shot one day. Right-click it to "Save As..." and then drag it into iPhoto or My Pictures to sync it the next time you dock your iPhone.

Photo is copyright 2008, Unbottled Studio. All Rights Reserved.


9 January, 2008

At The Mavs / Detroit Game

At The Mavs / Detroit Game, originally uploaded by laughcrazy.

8 January, 2008

Slusho: You Can't Drink Just Six!

Slusho | You can't drink just six

...it's almost 1-18-08...

6 January, 2008

LEGO Airplane Construction Progress

Sunday afternoons are for football, and lazy family fun. Like building the commercial jet airliner from Bubby's LEGO Airport, from the City Collection.

lego plane picture

This set has about 700 pieces and is for ages 5-12, so we're taking it slowly. We've already built some of the 'boring' stuff, so today was the actually plane, like DaDa flies.

lego plane picture

Bubby is 4, actually, so sometimes, we had to take a paying attention break.

lego plane picture

We keep making progress, and soon, the whole shebang will be ready. This little guy is about to earn some wings.

lego plane picture

5 January, 2008

Another Robot Addition

Galaxy Robot 1

This time we welcome the 'Galaxy' robot, who is advanced enough that he walks on his own (if you wind him first).

Galaxy Robot 2

If you're counting at home (and I really hope none of you are), now we're up to...well, we're up to a lot of robots at our house.


4 January, 2008

Congratulations, Obama, and Congratulations, America

Four years ago, I was watching CSPAN one night when a young African-American man, a political unknown, who was running for Senate came on the TV. Within seconds of his talk, painting a hopeful picture of a united United States and a return to being a great nation, I ran and got Jenni and told her she had to come see the "man who will become the first African-American President in the U.S."

After being outspent by the Big Political Machine, after being tossed under the bus and told it couldn't be done, particularly while declining special interest donations, Barack Obama was able to take a first (and huge) step in doing it: running a grassroots campaign fueled by hope and the 'whatever they could afford' donations of almost 500,000 Americans who are longing for change, who don't want Red states and Blue states, but a truly United States of America.

Barack Obama

We have been supporting him for over a year now, and his bumper sticker has been on our car for months. This is one of this times where you know you want to be on the right side of history. And four years after that first epiphany, it's so incredibly exciting to see it beginning.

1 January, 2008

It's 2008...

...and we're building a Lego Airport!