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29 February, 2008

Barack Obama, Fort Worth Convention Center

Barack Obama, Fort Worth Convention Center, Fort Worth, TX

The Barack Obama event in Fort Worth Thursday night was great, with a capacity crowd the Fire Marshall had to cap at just over 13,000. It was the 50-minute version of his speech on change, and how together we can achieve it in the ways this country needs most, politically speaking: internationally, economically, in energy and climate change, the education system, and more. He dismissed the charge of 'Hope-monger' that so many of his adversaries would like to pin on him with a familiar refrain of his ("I know it's not going to be easy: if it was, it would have happened already!"), pointing out that he's not promising that he will change everything, but that together, we will.

Some of the better quotes:

"A Bush won't be on the ballot in November....He'll be back here in Texas...y'all are going to have to figure out what to do with him."

"Not a single great thing was ever accomplished in this country that didn't start with someone having hope."

"Hope is not facing serious challenges and mountainous obstacles and naively pretending they don't exist. Hope is seeing those insurmountable odds and still, somehow finding something within that says, 'We're going to do this, we can make it,' and overcoming those challenges."

"This is a movement, and now, it's time to move."

"Si, se puede."

"We are the change we've been waiting for."

Special props to Matthew and Mary Beth, who are not particularly (or at all?) Obama supporters or registered Democrats, but who came anyway, not just to listen, but to be a part of something historic, something special. And a shout out to all our friends and neighbors who also got out to the event, enduring bad traffic and long lines of people to lend their ears and give change a chance.

28 February, 2008

Waiting for Barack Obama

...with Jenni, Bubby, Matty and Mary Beth...

26 February, 2008

Dallas Mavericks vs. Chicago Bulls, a Pictorial Recap

Sonic: Drive-In for a Train!

Dallas Mavericks picture

Game Time, Baby!
Dallas Mavericks picture

Who's a Dallas Mavericks fan?
Dallas Mavericks picture

Heading Home...
Dallas Mavericks picture

25 February, 2008

Jason Kidd, Here We Come!

Jason Kidd, Here We Come!, originally uploaded by laughcrazy.

Self-Portrait: A 4-Shot Introspective Bubby Series

23 February, 2008

Saturday at My House Desk

Picture of desk sitting in sun

Nuthin' to see here but:

  • Mac Book Pro

  • Stretchy Climber Guy

  • Moo Cards

  • InCase iPhone cover

  • Mini Cooper brochure

  • Soon to be introduced 'Robot'

  • Dallas Mavericks vs. Detroit Pistons basketball game ticket stub

  • Junk and unknown

I bet I'm not the only one doing some cleaning this fine Saturday afternoon...

19 February, 2008

New: 16GB iPhone Just Released!

While I was blogging about Paul Frank iPhone covers, Apple was busy updating the store to include the new 16GB iPhone, the new 32GB iPod Touch, and $49 iPod Shuffles.

...which makes you wonder: when is the 32GB iPhone coming out?

In Case You Missed It: Paul Frank iPhone Covers

Being the huge Paul Frank that I am, imagine my joy when I stumbled in to the Southlake Apple Store the other day only to find Paul Frank iPhone covers!

Picture 1 of Paul Frank iPhone Cover, Slap Bass

They had two versions, the one pictured ("Slap Bass") and a Scruvy, rainbow-colored one. I always love the Pirate Monkey, but I had to get the music-related one, particularly as I used to play the bass, and quite dreadfully at that.

Picture 2 of Paul Frank iPhone Cover, Slap Bass

It fits on snuggly, and seems to do a decent job of protecting the parts it covers. It does seem to attract a lot of dust and lint, though, being black rubbery plastic. So pretty much the first time it goes into your pocket, to comes out looking like a woolly mammoth.

Picture 3 of Paul Frank iPhone Cover on iPhone

Still, it's perfect for me, and for those of you that love Paul Frank or just want something different on your iPhone.

Picture 4 of Paul Frank iPhone Cover, Slap Bass

As the time of writing of this post, neither the Apple Store nor the (new!) online Paul Frank Store actually had the iPhone covers. And a quick Google search for the terms "Paul Frank iPhone cover" summarily returned no helpful results...

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18 February, 2008

LEGO My Stormtroopers...

Picture of Star Wars LEGO set

Bubby had a small surprise coming his way as a result of several small victories and successes on his part, so our weekly Sunday afternoon trip to Target resulted in the purchase of Star Wars LEGO set 7667, The Imperial Dropship.

The best thing about this little set was that it came with the 4 LEGO men, being 3 Stormtroopers and one Darth Vader. Bubby's favorite part, though, was probably the tiny little blasters it came with.

13 February, 2008

At 'The iPod Store'

...as Bubby calls it. And I don't know why, cos this is all he does there:

8 February, 2008

Sam Houston Thanks You for Visiting!

Super Monkey Visits the Holland Booth!

Sucessful Booths Brew Starbucks

Sucessful Booths Brew Starbucks, originally uploaded by laughcrazy.

7 February, 2008

At the Chesapeake Booth

At the Chesapeake Booth, originally uploaded by laughcrazy.

6 February, 2008

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1 February, 2008

We're Totally Mellowing Out

Mellow Mushroom
...at Mellow Mushroom.