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25 March, 2008

Long Drive There, Short Flight Home

Finishing Touches

...and then it's homeward-bound for the Carrolls. Me and my Bubby are hopping an earlier flight, while Jenni stays a day longer to help Sarah and Dr. J a bit more.

Blessings on your new home, sis! We'll be back soon...

Hard Work, and Hardly Working

24 March, 2008

Good Bubbies Get Ice Cream!

...after their authentic Kansas City barbeque! Thanks to Janette and Jon for coming out to chill on a work night!

23 March, 2008


...and in record time! Huge props to Ben and Amy and for everyone they
rounded up to help Jonathan and Sarah unload.

And (They're) Home!

And (They're) Home!, originally uploaded by laughcrazy.

Sunday Morning, and We're on the Road Again

...and some of us are still sleepy.

Happy Easter. He Is risen!

22 March, 2008

Saturday Nite Fun @ Fridays!

Live from Paducah, Kentucky...it's Saturday Night!

Uncle Johnny Drives

...while Jewels and Jax sleep in the sun!

The Tennessee Hills: My Turn to Drive!

21 March, 2008

TA Welcomes You to GA!

Rest Stop

Rest Stop, originally uploaded by laughcrazy.

...but as you can see, we're not actually resting.

On the Road to Georgia

On the Road to Georgia, originally uploaded by laughcrazy.

11 March, 2008

The SXSW Minefield Comes to an End

After 4 days of trying to deftly navigate the trecherous waters of
panels and keynotes and parties and sideways brautwurst vendors, my
time at SXSWi has come to an end. So goodbye, Austin, and goodbye
Driskill Hotel with your broken thermostat. Goodbye endless line of
Q&A audience members who actually had no intelligible questions and
were just grabbing the mic for some free PR for your busted 'start-up.'

Goodbye actual rock stars (like Michael Stipe who we bumped into last
night at Pangea), the kind of rock star that the dot-com nerdster rock
star really wishes they themselves were (if not, then why do you play
Rock Stat so much?).

Hellow home, my beautiful, loverly wife and darling Bubby! Easy trade
any time, anywhere!

SXSWi: Halcyon S'mores to the 3rd

Halcyon Smores, Austin Texas picture

So while Michael Stipe stuck around at Pangea to rock out with BT, we
headed over to Halcyon for our third set of tableside S'mores in 4
days...super yummy.

10 March, 2008

SXSWi: How's Your News Bus on Sixth Street

Picture, How's Your News Bus, Sixth Street, Austin

...and the How's Your News tour bus.

9 March, 2008

SXSWi Pocket Monster Orwin!

My loverly wife made me an adorable pocket monster named Orwin as a surprise for SXSW, to carry around with me to remember how much she loves and misses me. Isn't my wife awesome?!

Anyhoo, I pinned him to my always-on badge so EVERYONE can see how much my wife loves me! Look for them soon on her Etsy shop...=^)

SXSWi: Sunday AM

SXSWi: Sunday AM, originally uploaded by laughcrazy.

The LEGO play area.

8 March, 2008

Jim Coudal at SXSWi

Jim Coudal at SXSWi, originally uploaded by laughcrazy.

Master Chief Does SXSWi

Master Chief Does SXSWi, originally uploaded by laughcrazy.

SXSWi: Saturday PM

SXSWi: Saturday PM, originally uploaded by laughcrazy.

John reminds you to tip your local pizza dude.

SXSWi: Saturday AM2

SXSWi: Saturday AM2, originally uploaded by laughcrazy.

Keegan and Critz, sitting in the back, prolly playing Packrat, at the
Derek Powazek talk.


SXSWi: Saturday AM

SXSWi: Saturday AM, originally uploaded by laughcrazy.

Josh and Keegan Twitter to give away Packrat Tees. Ballroom A, people.

7 March, 2008

Almost to SXSW Interactive

Almost to SXSW Interactive, originally uploaded by laughcrazy.

6 March, 2008

Snow Day, Part One

Snow Day, Part One, originally uploaded by laughcrazy.