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29 June, 2008

Quotable: Veerle Pieters

I've got quite a bit of website building and overhauling coming up this week at work, so I thought I'd share one of my favorite tweets from the incomparable Veerle (who is always so polished in her professional product and so generous in sharing her wealth of design knowledge):

Veerle Pieters WYSIWTF quote picture

BTW, if you've never experienced the joy of trying to make a website look presentable in the piece of caca that is, well, pretty much any version of Internet Explorer (but especially 6), just know that the natural reaction to doing such is strings of expletives, wanting to throw things violently, and further deepening of one's belief that Bill Gates is in fact the anti-Christ.

26 June, 2008

Twitter is Broke, Again

Twitter is down again picture

I'm sure by the time I take this screen shot and post this post, Twitter will be back up. Then again, I also thought that Twitter would have restored my account their server ate, but now 3 weeks later, they haven't been able to yet. In fact, they had drop-shipped me a mens small Twitter t-shirt (emblazoned with "wearing my twitter t-shirt," cleverly enough) even before I had a personal acknowledgment that yes, my account had been eaten during a database update. (Through several e-mails from Twitter and other deleted users, and through much time spent on the Twitter forums and GetSatisfaction, the story is that this is happening to lots of people--it's still happening in fact, and no one has had a successful un-delete of their account yet. I do think Twitter is trying, they just haven't succeeded yet.)

My old account is still no more, and while I've set-up a new one, I have yet to re-find all my friends (including private accounts, like the wonderful SwissMiss!). I know it's a free service, but honestly, between my iPhone and times like the screen shot above, I'm experiencing less and less service.

C'mon, guys, pull through this! Twitter is a lot of fun, most especially when it works...

22 June, 2008

Mimobot: Ninja Domo USB Thumb Flash Drive

Mimobot Domo Ninja Thumb Flash Drive picture

As promised, a re-look at the thumb drive from my desk: Ninja Domo USB thumb drive, by Mimoco, from the Mimobot Domo series. Mimoco is a designer toy studio-meets-consumer electronics brand. Their mission is to "bring style and soul to personal tech devices and to inject interactivity into the underground Art Toy movement."

I picked up my Ninja Domo 2GB flash drive at SXSWi, but you can buy one from their site, and Ninja Domo is on sale at the moment.

And while I normally hate thumb drives that come pre-loaded with caca, but the Mimobot drive came preloaded with all sorts of fun icons and wallpapers and whatnot, that are just as fun as the little drives themselves.

If Ninja Domo isn't your style, check out the Star Wars and Halo flash drives.

10 June, 2008

Something's Afoot!

...and I don't just mean the Singer 4212 sewing machine pedal:

Singer Model 4212 sewing machine picture

Lately, I have seen very little of my loverly wife. I most often am finding her with her head tucked under the sewing machine, needle and thread whirring away, working with clock-like precision...but on what?

I have a theory that she's about to open her much-rumored Etsy store, and is trying to make sure that she has enough stock to sustain the madhouse of a rush that is going to happen once she opens her electronic doors.

But that's just a guess. I only live with her, so I may be wrong... =^)

6 June, 2008

Looking Forward

...to seeing my loverly wife--isn't she beautiful?

I have been in Houston at an energy conference for the last few days, and am just about to pack it up and head home, which kinda makes me very happy. I love my little family and miss them so when I'm gone.