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28 August, 2008

Small Paul, Labor Day Sale at Small Concept

Small Paul Frank, Labor Day Sale at Small Concept picture

Also just in time for the Bubby's birthday, Small Concept is having an exclusive Labor Day sale on their great collection of cool kid's clothing, modern furniture and groovy gear, from Paul Frank to Diesel Kids, from Bugaboo to Monster Republic and Tea Collection. The Labor Day specials are store-wide, and are as follows:

  • Purchase $75 of merch and get free shipping

  • Purchase $125, free shipping, and $25 off (use coupon code LABOR25)

  • Purchase $250, free shipping, and $25 off (use coupon code LABOR50)

Small Concept is a great place for outfitting your kiddos with some groovy stuff. We normally get Small Paul items from them (like the Small Paul roll-aboard Bubby got last year), and have been super happy with their customer service and speedy shipping.

Go check them out, and hurry: Sale ends September 2!

24 August, 2008

Poster Love: Lone Wolf Black Sheep (is Will Staehle)

I don't know if it's because Bubby's birthday is coming up and we're looking for cool things for him, or if I have some disease which makes me want to buy more artwork than our home and my office will ever have wall space to hang, but either way, the limited edition poster art from Lone Wolf Black Sheep found its way onto my browser and will soon find its way onto a wall.

Loaf Dog poster, by Will Staehle, Lone Wolf Black Sheep picture

The character-driven prints seem quite sci-fi inspired, and you can imagine a whole book or movie or graphic series devoted to each, which is quite wonderful, as it allows the viewer's imagination to create a special and unique interaction with the art. What story lies behind each? The imagination runs wild.

Dr. Sasquatch poster, by Will Staehle, Lone Wolf Black Sheep picture

The pieces are quite reasonably priced at $50 for a 13x19 print on high-quality textured paper, each being signed and numbered. The prints are limited to runs of 100, and the site says they will not be reprinted once sold out. So go buy yours today, before they sell out of:

Gringo Cowboy poster, by Will Staehle, Lone Wolf Black Sheep picture

12 August, 2008

Our New Car, the Scion xB

Through a somewhat disappointing chain of events, we sadly bid our beloved silver VW Jetta farewell last night (yes, I cried a little) and a new car came into our lives, with huge shoes to fill, left by a family legacy of devotion to Volkswagen. But we are excited about our new little Scion xB, and it may very well be up to the task of being a great, fun little car for our family. The following are not photos of the actual car, mind you, but just a representation:

Transformers Scion xB Skids picture

We were happy to finally find one with the 'California Sunroof,' which is basically a double sunroof that extends to over the rear seats as well. We get to break the car in really soon, to head to Hot Springs for Clint's wedding, and we think we're going to love it. It's got plenty of room, the Bubby loves it, and the cup holders are super, although admittedly, they suck on the VW vehicles we're so used to.

One immediate drawback that we've noticed, however, is that it does not do this:

Transformers Scion xB Skids picture

(...and yes, I'd love you to buy me one for my 30th birthday...)

10 August, 2008

Dwelling, by Hiraki Sawa

The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth is currently exhibiting Kara Walker's My Complement, My Enemy, My Oppressor, My Love, an exceptional installation, but with strikingly graphic subject matter, meaning our trips with the Bubby are confined to the upstairs portion of the building, which features pieces from the Modern's permanent collection. One of the current displays there is the video Dwelling (2002), by Hiraki Sawa.

Hiraki Sawa Dwelling Airplanes video picture

Dwelling explores the landscape of a sparsely decorated and smallish apartment, and draws into focus how this diminutive space has a new, large scale and vastness when suddenly populated with miniature airplanes. The picture unfolds before you, as the seemingly empty apartment becomes the stage for what quickly becomes the Chicago O'Hare of miniature airplanes.

Hiraki Sawa Dwelling Airplanes video picture

The Bubby enjoys this film, and is always sad when we move on to the Rothko's after watching it only 2 or 3 consecutive times. I think you'll enjoy it to. Click here to view the film as a Quicktime video.

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4 August, 2008

Barack Obama Is Your New Bicycle

Barack Obama Is Your New Bicycle picture

(Yeah, I know, you've seen www.barackobamaisyournewbicycle.com before, but it's still cool, and the intertubes was feeling a bit slow this Monday, so go have some fun...)