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25 September, 2008

Now Presenting...Box of Happy, an Etsy Store, by Jenni

Picture of Jenni's Box of Happy Etsy store, featuring handmade bags, robots, monsters and other fun

She's done it! At long last, and oodles and oodles of hard work, my loverly wife has opened her amazing Etsy shop, Box of Happy!

Picture of screenshot of Jenni's Box of Happy Etsy store, featuring handmade bags, robots, monsters and other fun

It features wonderful goods made by hand--her loverly hands, to be exact--specifically some awesome t-shirt bags (a brilliant idea she concocted all on her own!), cool pouches for your Nintendo DS™, and some of the tiny monsters you've all been waiting for, like the one she stowed away in my bag when I attended SXSW earlier this year.

Picture of two tiny monsters from Jenni's Box of Happy Etsy store

Go have a look at her store, and buy something! Her first sale occurred within moments of the store opening, and since this items are made by hand, they are certainly one-of-a-kind, so when you see something you like, buy it then! www.boxofhappy.com or boxofhappy.etsy.com.

Way to go, baby! I'm so proud of you!

13 September, 2008

Free Jem MP3 Download: On Top of the World

Picture, New Album by Jem, Down to Earth, out September 16, 2008

Jem has a new album, Down to Earth, coming out worldwide on Tuesday, September 16, but you can get a free mp3 single, On Top of the World, right now from her website. All the Welsh lovely requires is an e-mail address, and you get the download link. The song is a good one, and will whet your whistle for the new album, which is said to feature "a sprinkle of hip hop, a sprinkle of funk, a sprinkle of rock, an extra juicy helping of dance floor magic, and this time around some Cuban salsa and Japanese vibes mixed in for good measure."

10 September, 2008

Has the Large Hadron Collider Destroyed the World Yet?!

Good question:

Picture of Has the Large Hadron Collider Destroyed the World Yet screen shot
(via Joshwa)

I love this! Keep hitting your browser's refresh button for up-to-the-second planetary destruction updates!

My favorite part, though, is if you look at 'Page Source' and look at the HTML code for the page. At the very bottom, it says:

if the lhc actually destroys the earth & this page isn't yet updated please email mike@******.org to receive a full refund

9 September, 2008

Free iPhone Wallpaper: Charlie Brown

Whether you've got an original iPhone or, like my just-birthdayed sister, a new iPhone 3G, it's time to put a shirt on. And since football season just started, why not clothe your iPhone in this wallpaper background inspired by the kid who has missed every kick, every extra point, and every field goal (although I'm pretty sure it was all the kick-holder's fault):

Picture of free iPhone wallpaper inspired by Charlie Brown

On your desktop, right-click to save to your pictures folder. Or, on iPhone, click and hold on the picture to "Save Image".

screen shot iPhone wallpaper inspired by Charlie Brown

8 September, 2008

Scenes from a Sunday Afternoon

7 September, 2008

LifeMoreGreen: MUJI Cardboard Speakers

Picture of Muji Cardboard Speaker, for iPod or MP3player

If you're in need of a green alternative for some small travel speakers to take along with your iPod, check out the MUJI Cardboard Speakers, available at the MoMA Store (and countless other places). The speakers are made of cardboard and electronic components, can be collapsed when not in use, and placed into back into the minimal packaging they come in, perfect to slip into your roll-aboard or Booq Bag.

MUJI opened their first store in Japan in 1983, and their principles of design simplicity, use of innovative materials, and economical packaging have attracted the attention of conscientious consumers worldwide. MUJI's emphasis on high quality but inexpensive raw materials, including remnants and otherwise disposable materials, results in products that are economical and environmentally friendly.