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25 December, 2008

Bubby is SUPER-SKATER!!!

Razor Carvr kick scooter skateboard picture

The Bubby, totally rocking his new Razor Carvr kick-scooter/skateboard. We got it for him from Dick's Sporting Goods online, mere days before Christmas. They had a fabulous 'Guaranteed by Christmas Eve or it's totally free' promo, that we took advantage of 15 minutes before the promo expired, and they beat it by a full day. So yeah, props to DSG for their great service, and excellent pricing (it was already on sale when we found it, and then they gave an extra 20% off right as we checked out...sweet!). Bubby loves it, and is doing great on it, despite a couple hard spills.

Mexican Thumb Wrestling Masks!!!

Mexican thumb wrestling masks picture

My awesome, uber-talented sis sent me these Mexican thumb wrestling masks, from itybitybags.etsy.com. Thanks, Sarah!

Merry Christmas, Mommy!

"Rocking new glasses" that he picked out all on his own!

Thanks, Marmee!

LeapFrog DVDs picture

...and We're Christmasing!

On Your Mark, Get Set...

24 December, 2008

Christmas Eve = Christmas Cookies

...we're making Christmas sugar cookies, frosting, icing, sprinkles
and all!

22 December, 2008

Early Christmas Present No. 2

Early Christmas Present No. 2, originally uploaded by laughcrazy.

...a fresh outlook! You see, right before we closed the office for
Christmas week, the window-washers came by for semi-annual window
cleaning, rapelling down the sides of the building in freezing weather
to get our windows spick and span (is that the phrase?).

You can see my office window in the above picture, on the 5th floor,
in the sun, just around the corner.

14 December, 2008

Dirk Nowitzki is Santa's Helper!

Troy Dungan and Pete Delkus WFAA meteorologists picture

On Friday, we headed to the giant Christmas tree in Sundance Square to participate in WFAA's Santa's Helpers Toy Drive. Like hundreds of others, we were dropping of unwrapped toys, and participating in festivities. Participants included personalities from WFAA Channel 8 (including Troy Dungan and Pete Delkus), Dallas Maverick's dancers and also the Mav's Maniacs, representatives from Dr. Pepper and Chik-fil-a, and 'a surprise visit by a Dallas Maverick.' The Maverick's occasionally do meet-and-greets in downtown Fort Worth, and they always send us one of the NBA's finest, like a 3rd-string bench warmer who only gets playing time when we're winning/losing by 30+.

Turns out, this time, they sent Dirk Nowitzki.

Dirk Nowitzki at Sundance Square Santa's Helpers Toy Drive picture

In the season's spirit of peace on earth and good will towards men, I garnered every ounce of my strength and did not tell Dirk that we should have traded him for Kobe 4 years ago when we had the chance.

10 December, 2008

Free iPhone Wallpaper: Blue Lined Notepad

free iPhone wallpaper: blue lined notepad picture

More free wallpaper for your Apple iPhone, and of course, it works with original iPhone and iPhone 3G. Right-click to save to your compie and then drag into iPhoto or My Pictures to sync with your phone. Or, from your iPhone browser, click and hold on the image to save it directly to your phone.

screen shot blue lined notepad picture

9 December, 2008

Etsy Item of the Day: Autumn Kiss Papercut

Etsy: Autumn Kiss Papercut picture

This is an original Papercut art piece by tinatarnoff, of San Francisco. Her Etsy shop features loads of original handdraw and hand-cut images. She uses a single sheet of paper for each image, and displays them on handmade Indian cotton rag paper. Each piece is then signed, dated, and mounted on a sturdy 11"x14" black mat.

4 December, 2008

The Weepies Wish You a Merry Snowglobe

We've always liked The Weepies, since my loverly wife first heard them. They have a fun, mellow-yet-happy acoustic sound, and the husband/wife team seem at least in their music like people we'd like hanging out with.

If their website is any indication, we're right, as they seem to love our favorite Flash holiday time-waster (that, and the fact that The Weepies did a song for an Obama commerical):

The Weepies flash snowglobe picture

Seriously, go shake it. And then go to iTunes and pick up their groovy Christmas song, All That I Want, from 2005's A Winter's Night album.

1 December, 2008

Closing Chapter: All Good Things Must End

...and sadly, we need to head home. We've had a great time with Sarah and Jonathan, and had a lot of fun. Now, 550 miles of open road beckons us homeward.

Queue The Killers.