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25 March, 2009

At Golden Gate National Recreation Area

San Francisco, Here We Come!

We have our coffee, We have our Zip Car, and we are on our way across
the Bay, for a fun day of work in the City.

(And no, Rach, there's no way we would be going to Chez Pannise
without you...)

24 March, 2009

In-Flight Entertainment

Joshwa and I are headed to San Francisco for a few days for some

17 March, 2009

It's A Beautiful Day in the Austin Neighborhood!

Wonderful weather as SXSW comes to a close! Full recap coming soon.

14 March, 2009

Objectified Screening, Paramount Theater, SXSW / Austin

From Gary Hustwit, the maker of the Helvetica film!

11 March, 2009

New Day, New Sticker

New Day, New Sticker, originally uploaded by laughcrazy.

Get ready, SXSW Interactive. Gowalla is about to take you by storm.

8 March, 2009

Quad Camera: The Funnest iPhone App Ever (Until Gowalla Gets Here)

Quad Camera, Photo Effector for iPhone picture

First off, let me say...Please don't sue me, Apple, for saying *funnest*!

Second off, maybe the best thing to actually say is that Quad Camera is the funnest iPhone app in the camera/photography category, which is actually saying a lot, not just because there are dozens of those apps in the iTunes App store, but more because the app Camera Bag is the best thing since sliced bread wi-fi enabled SD cards, and dethroning it was quite a feat.

Okay, onto Quad Camera: What is it? Simply put, it is an iPhone app that uses your iPhone camera to take multiple (either 4 or 8) rapid-fire shots with the camera, and create one picture out of them, arranging them in a single row or a couple of columns. Like so:

picture of First Christian Church in Fort Worth using Quad Camera for iPhone

When you open Quad Camera, there are a variety of settings you can choose to set your shot up, including time between shots, shot layout (2x2, 4x1, 4x2 and 8x1) and some useful color effects:

screen shot of Quad Camera options screen

The timer can be set as low as 0.10 seconds and as long as 3.0 seconds between shots. The shorter the length of time, the more of a stop-motion effect you get, like so:

Bubby rocking to Quad Camera picture

Retro Cowboy, Sundance Square Fort Worth picture

You could just totally stand still while the camera clicks off the shots, resulting in some interesting final photos.

Arbor deck and front door picture

In my short time using Quad Camera, however, what I have enjoyed the most is setting the timer to a lengthier time (like 2 or 3 seconds) and completely changing the shot between clicks. Below are a few examples.

This shot was taken on the corner of Sixth Street and Throckmorton in Fort Worth, and in between each shot, I turned about 45 degrees. If you click on it, it will take you to the original size of the shot, which is actually a pretty good resolution.

Right now, Quad Camera is a steal at only $1.99, but the developer says it will be raising the price after some additional modifications. Listening to user feedback and fixing bugs is always super great, but this app is spectacular the way it is, ready to use right out of the digital box. If you are a photo hound, or if you find yourself tiring of the limited use of iPhone's less than enviable camera, I would highly recommend Quad Camera as an app you purchase for your iPhone. You're gonna love it.

5 March, 2009

The Beatles Rock Band Game

Guess it's time to start saving my allowance: The Beatles Rock Band Game (for Wii, Xbox360 and PS3) is out of rumor status and now has a release date, September 9, 2009.

The Beatles Rock Band Game picture

Yes, this will be in our house, and we will be playing it September 9th. (And JW, it had better be at work, too, that's all I'm saying...=^)

1 March, 2009

Going, Going, Gowalla!

A lot, lot, lot, lot, lot, lot, lot has been going in our lives lately. All good, and all super-exciting. Some very, very big changes are coming our way, and while they're all good, change sometimes takes getting used to, right?

I haven't had a lot (read=any) time to write about these changes, what's been going on, or what's going to be going on. But someone else has had the time, at least to write a bit about something that is soon to be a big part of my life, and a big, exciting part of my workday: Gowalla. It's a location-based iPhone game from the cool kids at Alamofire (makers of the uber-popular game Packrat). Gowalla taps into the GPS function of the 3G iPhones to create a very fun, very interactive game.

picture of Scott Raymond, Rails Guru, playing Gowalla

Janette Crawford recently wrote an article for the website PopTech on social gaming and Gowalla specifically. It's entitled Geocaching, Gaming and the Optimistic Future of Human Interaction. It's a great article, and it will give you not only a glimpse into the about-to-be-released iPhone game Gowalla but will also, by association, give you a little glimpse into some of what I'll be doing in the very near future.