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10 August, 2009

Tony Hawk Skateboard? Heck = VERY YES!!!

I buy Tony Hawk Birdhouse skateboards from WarehouseSkateboards.com picture

The Tony Hawk Skull 2 skateboard by Birdhouse arrived today, from the cool kids at WarehouseSkateboards.com.

4 August, 2009

Tony Jonny Hawk, Coming Soon...

So, after watching X-Games most of the weekend (and going "boogie boarding" with Joshwa at Schlitterbahn), I was completely primed to buy a new action sport device (read=skateboard). Then I got a glimpse of the freshly sealed concrete floors of our almost-finally-finished new office space in Austin and I caved, buying a Birdhouse Hawk Skull 2 skateboard, the skateboard of my childhood Thrasher dreams.

Tony Hawk Birdhouse skateboard picture

The deck (it's a complete, actually) gets here on Monday, and then, with a little luck and a lot of help from Keegan, Joshwa and I will soon be just like the doods in the video below.