Fantasy Birth Date League!

(So, I had really hoped to post this before we went to the hospital, but didn't get around to it in time. But I figured, while you wait for pictures of our new delivery, I could post it now anyhoo, to help you bide the time...)

So I had this idea, something fun to do while we expectantly count down the days until Baby Girl's arrive: Fantasy Birth Date League! Basically, Bubby and Jenni's mom and I each get to pick the remaining days on the calendar left until Jenni's official due date, place a marker to represent which day was ours, and whoever gets the right date gets a sweet prize: a $20 iTunes card for me or Marmee, or a medium-sized LEGO™ set for Bubby. (Jenni doesn't get to play as she has a direct communication line with Baby Girl and thusly, would be tempted to cheat.)

Bubby seemed stoked about this idea, so we made ourselves a little calendar, then one-by-one placed our tokens, which we had hand-made out of construction paper and decorate with markers and stuff. Bubby decided to make snowmen, Marmee Christmas Trees, and I went with Dr. Suess' Star-Bellied Sneeches-inspired stars.

Marmee got to go first since she's Jenni's mommy and Jenni is about to be a mommy (again) to a baby girl (for the first time). Bubby was next, then mean, wash, rinse repeat. Marmee picked Christmas day first, then Bubby picked either Christmas Eve or Sunday the 20th.

All the days got picked, and we had pretty good spacing...let's see who wins! Either way, I get to pay and also get a beautiful baby girl out of the deal, so I'm thrilled!


So let's see that beautiful baby girl already!

What a really cute idea! And you all did great work on your tokens. Too bad you posted it all, or you might have marketed it somehow. On the other hand, free-sharing is good too.
Congratulations, Noah!! You're already Maggie's favorite.

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